We can inherit the world we want.


Generation Pledge exists to unlock billions of dollars that can be deployed to fund the most effective solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

We work with a community of heirs who are committed to doing good with the resources they have available. We offer opportunities to learn, connect, collaborate and take action to create large-scale positive impact.


The Pledge

To join Generation Pledge, heirs of ultra high net wealth families must make two commitments:

  1. Donate 10% of their total inheritance within the first five years of inheriting.

  2. Use their time, influence and access to do more good before and after inheriting. This includes investing in impactful ways, dedicating time/resources to effective causes and inspiring others to do the same.

We believe that together, as a community of heirs, we can significantly impact some of society’s most pressing issues, and create a world we will be proud to inherit.


Why we exist

The world today faces significant and complex challenges that threaten our future and impact the present. Issues like climate change, inequalities, poverty, water scarcity, diseases and epidemics, urban sprawl, geopolitical risk and existential risks are serious global problems that affect everyone. Solutions to these problems require sophisticated, multidisciplinary action and significantly more resources.

The world’s ultra high net wealth (UHNW) families collectively own US$31.5 trillion, and the largest wealth transfer in history is set to take place for the next generation in these families. But that’s not all - this emerging generation often have influence over their family’s investments, business and philanthropy.

Just 5% of this inherited wealth would be enough to cover around a third of the funding gap for the poorest countries in the world and help to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and 10% of this inherited wealth would provide the possibility to shape the world a radically different future.

We think this is pretty exciting. 

Our aim is to shift how some of the world’s most influential heirs and major economic players of the future define and take action around impact.


My approach towards giving is seeking the highest impact and the highest multiplier effect. That’s why I’ve decided to become a Generation Pledge investor. I strongly believe this initiative is game changing”.

Luke Ding – Financial investor, philanthropist & Generation Pledge Funder