Marina Feffer Oelsner

Co-founder & Chief Development Officer

Marina's priorities have always been human development and social impact. After beginning her career as a psychologist with homeless people, in prisons and in orphanages, Marina began working in a Brazilian multinational company learning about the impact that can be achieved through corporate social responsibility. Marina is part of the 4th generation in a UHNW family business and has a special interest in social impact. She understands the importance of learning how to navigate family systems, governance, and the different opportunities available when looking at the whole family enterprise. She is guided by her interest in finding how individual and familial purpose can work in service of social good. In addition to Generation Pledge, Marina is an active member of her family's governance structures, is on the Arymax Foundation’s board (her family's philanthropic endeavour), the Family board and Suzano Group's Shareholder board.

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