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Marina Feffer

FOUNDER & Pledger

“If I die and Generation Pledge has been successful, I will have accomplished my mission in life.”

Marina's priorities have always been human development and social impact. Beginning her career as a psychologist with the homeless, in prisons and in orphanages, Marina then began working in a Brazilian multinational company learning about the impact that can be achieved through corporate social responsibility. Being the 4th generation in a UHNW family business family and with a special interest in social impact, she understands the importance of learning how to navigate family systems, governance, and the different opportunities available when looking at the whole family enterprise. She is guided by the interest in finding how individual and familial purpose can work in service of social good. In addition to Generation Pledge, Marina is an active member of her family's governance structures, siting at Arymax Foundation’s board (her family's philanthropic foundation), the Family board and Suzano Group's Shareholder board.

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Sid Efromovich 

Founder & Pledger

“‘Live what you believe or you end up believing the life you live’ -
I see Generation Pledge as a much needed change in the status quo, to use our unparalleled opportunity and privilege for good. Generation Pledge gives a new purpose to our wealth, where we can collectively build a world that is fairer, with less suffering and more flourishing.”

Sid is a coach, consultant and advisor with over 15 years of experience facilitating workshops, public speaking, moderating groups and leading teams. He is a world citizen who speaks seven languages and is mostly known for his TEDx Talk on how to speak any foreign language, a top 20 most viewed talk on the TEDx channel. He holds a BA from Boston University, MBAs from Purdue University and Leibniz Universität and a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. He is the founder of Humans United Giving Support (HUGS), an organization that has been spreading love in Boston since 2005. Being the son of a high net worth family, he has been interested in social impact for as long as he can remember. It compelled him to gain expertise in human flourishing, the behavioral sciences and social impact. Sid uses his expertise to grow the impact of Generation Pledge and as a faculty member of The Flourishing Center, where he teaches the 6-month Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP). 


Natalie Rathner

Number 3

Natalie is passionate about bringing out the best in others in order to make positive change in the world. She helps people gain the skills, mindset and inspiration to grow strategic social impact and investment. Natalie joined Generation Pledge after spending six years’ working to nurture a culture of better philanthropy and social innovation as the Director of Philanthropic Programs for the Australian Jewish Funders. Natalie has founded multiple projects focused on next generation engagement, philanthropic leadership and social entrepreneurship. She has immense experience designing and facilitating community building and leadership development for change-makers from around the world. Currently completing her MBA specialising in Social Impact, Natalie has also previously worked at a start up in New York City as well as completed an 8-month Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy at the University of Pennsylvania.